Golden Door

CitrusFresh Drops

This gentle, soap-free liquid formula cleanses away perspiration and doubles as a shampoo!

Moisture Mist

Spritz your face and body with our deliciously refreshing moisture spray to tone, hydrate, and safeguard your skin.

Eucalyptus Product Line

Check out our other products with a refreshing Eucalyptus scent!

Whether you prefer the fresh scent of eucalyptus or the signature collection citrus blend of natural botanical extracts and essential oils, our Golden Door shampoos and conditioners repair damaged hair, add body and shine, and leave hair smooth, tangle-free, and silky.

Citrus Blend Shampoo
This remarkably gentle formulation combines a blend of essential oils with pure, botanical nutrients to cleanse and maintain healthy hair and scalp. It is mild enough to be used every day, yet effective enough to remove excess oils and residues, making this shampoo the ideal choice for the entire family.

2 oz / 60 ml, $18.00
6.76 oz / 200 ml, $38.00

Citrus Blend Conditioner
This conditioner is a super-hydrating, light, and ultra-beneficial treatment for all hair types. It combines a natural blend of essential oils with pure botanical extracts to combat dryness, repair split ends, and promote healthy hair growth.

2.54 oz / 75 ml, $18.00
6.76 oz / 200 ml, $38.00

Eucalyptus Shampoo
Part of the Eucalyptus Product Line, this rich, conditioning, pH balanced shampoo is enriched with vitamins A, D, and E. For normal-to-dry hair.

10 oz, $25.00
35 oz, $55.00

Eucalyptus Balancing Conditioner
Part of the Eucalyptus Product Line, this unique formula is for normal-to-dry hair. Deeply restores and repairs damaged hair and split ends.

10 oz, $25.00
35 oz, $55.00