Golden Door

Eye Soft

Diminish fine lines and firm vulnerable eye areas with our advanced-performance moisturizing formula.

Foot and Leg Therapy Cream

Plant extracts and vitamins moisturize and smooth away dry, flaky skin on feet and legs – and wherever else skin needs extra attention.

Start-up Kits

Moisturizers are included as one of six essential skin-care products in our cosmetic start-up kit.
Try the one that's right for you:

for dry skin
for oily skin
for combination or   sensitive skin

Sun Protection

Protect your face and body from both extended and incidental sun exposure with our sun products.

Well-moisturized skin protects against dehydrated skin, premature aging, and fine lines. Cleanse, replenish, and lock in your skin's vital moisture with the help of today's scientifically based time-release blends.

To find the product that's right for you, Determine Your Skin Type with our quick online quiz.

Imbue Antioxidant Moisturizer
Time-release system moisturizes all day and prevents premature aging and skin damage. Contains powerful antioxidants.

.5 oz / 15 ml, $25.00
1.69 oz / 50 ml, $75.00

Imbue Affirm
Anti-aging formula with alpha
lipoic acid, DMAE, and ceramides defends, repairs, and improves skin's texture.

.5 oz / 15 ml, $28.00
1.69 oz / 50 ml, $112.00

Hydrating Gel
Non-greasy, soothing gel rich in proteins, collagen, elastin, and botanicals to hydrate skin. Layer under your favorite Golden Door moisturizer or
use alone. Great for oily skin types.

.5 oz / 15 ml, $18.00
2 oz / 60 ml, $58.00

Rejuvenating Day
Next-generation, antioxidant-
rich moisturizer and anti-aging
cream to nourish and protect

15-ml / 0.5-oz, $24.00
50-ml / 1.69-oz, $68.00

Confidante Moisture Plus
Protects and hydrates skin. Contains anti-aging ingredients, proteins, and vitamins. Great firming throat cream.

.5 oz / 15 ml, $24.00
1.69 oz / 50 ml, $68.00

Confidante Deep Moisture
Extra-emollient cream with vitamins and antioxidants to soften, smooth, and protect skin.

.5 oz / 15 ml $24.00
1.69oz./ 50-ml $68.00